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Our Story

We have been helping consumers improve their credit since 1988. Our expert analysts and dispute team will know exactly how to handle your situation. Every dispute case is unique and you need an experienced professional to navigate this process with you. The consumer attempted success rate over the past 35+ years is less than 10%. More damage can be done to a credit report when disputes are handled incorrectly. A simple dispute mistake will linger and have a negative effect for many years.


Quite simply, we are the best in the business at helping you improve the information on your credit reports. We conduct a free analysis to be sure we thoroughly understand all negative items on your reports. If we feel that a dispute process will have a positive effect on your credit reports, we handle 100% of the process. We address all classifications of items on your report, from inquires to bankruptcy related items.  While there are no guarantees or 'sure things', our experience is unmatched.  Click here for an example of results we achieved regarding a bad tax lien case.  You will receive multiple rounds of disputes when needed and we review the results with you in great detail. We make the process simple for you.

We are dedicated to disputing negative information on your credit report so you can have the tools you need to live the life you deserve . Before delving into some insightful considerations regarding the expenses associated with credit reports and scoring, it is crucial to emphasize a noteworthy shift in credit score standards. In the past, a credit score of 680 was regarded as excellent, granting consumers extensive choices with optimal pricing and interest rates. However, as per leading authorities in the field, since November 2014, yesterday's 680 score is now equated to at least 750.  For reference, Experian recently published this chart..........




Consequently, a credit score of 680 in 2014 is now very close to the threshold between fair and poor credit. While individuals with poor or bad credit should seek professional credit analysis, it is advisable for those with anything less than an excellent (or 'Exceptional' as it is now categorized by some bureaus) credit score (at least 800 FICO score in this recent representation) to undergo credit checks as well.

Another recent chart reflecting state-by-state averages, listed 674 as the national average with state averages ranging from a high of 706 to a low of 639. A total of 24 states shown were at or below the national average.  

Who We Are

Our services cater to consumers residing in all 50 states. We begin all cases with a FREE credit report analysis to determine whether negative information is likely to be successfully and permanently removed.  We do not engage anyone as a new client until completion of this analysis.  Though many will claim to be able to 'fix' all items, the reality is that some disputes will be considered 'frivolous' by the credit bureaus.  As a result, the bureaus may 'flag' your entire report and progress will come to a halt.  We communicate directly with the major credit bureaus, conducting multiple complete dispute rounds when needed and allowed (knowing what 'to do' and 'not to do' is critical).  After tens of thousands of cases, we know all the thresholds with each credit bureau to get the most likely, best results.  Here are a few of our case results.  Click here to send an analysis request.  We truly make the process simple for you. 

If we find items during our initial analysis that we know require legal help rather than a professional credit dispute, we will advise you as such and are happy to help find a qualified credit dispute attorney near you.  Whenever this is the case, we will not engage you as a client and there is never a charge for helping you find the right legal resource.  You always want to address potential legal credit matters before engaging any credit dispute professional.


It is important to note that according to the law, individuals who wish to dispute information on their credit reports must possess a valid U.S. Social Security number. Furthermore, they are required to provide documentation to establish their identity accurately. Additionally, documentation demonstrating U.S. citizenship or legal long-term residence or work visa in the U.S. is necessary to proceed with the dispute process.

Our Vision

Millions of Americans have credit challenges and over 85% of all credit reports contain mistakes causing a negative impact on their credit rating.  It is our mission to help people dispute questionable and negative items from their credit files and help improve the information on their credit report so they can be in control of their finances. We are committed to helping all consumers and are dedicated to providing the highest standards of excellence.

Our one-time all-inclusive fee is $495We welcome communication from our clients long after our work is complete.  Many former clients have contacted us off and on for well over 20 years, simply to stay informed of the ever-changing credit industry. Others send us information regarding offers they receive for a quick review and guidance to accept a good credit offer or throw it in the trash.   As a last mention, we invite all of our clients to reach out to us annually for a free review of their reports to be sure all information is accurate and up-to-date.   

The reason MOST companies enroll you in a monthly program is that they either plan on keeping you on a payment plan for as long as they can, they plan on addressing your issues a little bit at a time OR, they simply are not that good at what they do.  The 3 most advertised companies have average client billing cycles that can last over 2 years (at average total case costs of well over $2,000).   The credit bureaus are required to address all disputes in the same time frame regardless of how many items are being disputed.  Again, many sources will tell you that the bureaus 'like it best' when you limit the number of disputes per round and will make promises of higher success rates when you follow along.  This simply is not true.  Credit bureaus are directed by a series of documents containing rules, regulations and laws they MUST follow.  If and when they do not do their job correctly, you benefit.  We understand the process thoroughly and we make sure the bureaus do their job. 

Don’t get caught in a never-ending process of paying far more than needed.  The sooner your credit reports improve, the sooner you can get on with a stress-free life and begin saving money on literally everything you need.  Let us help solve your issues and improve your life quickly.     We look forward to hearing from you soon!

About Us

A word from a few clients


I had 1 collection and 1 misused charge account.  All gone now.  Thanks!  Thanks also for helping draft a consumer statement, ID theft notice and for creating a personal budgeting report for me to use going forward.  Now I know why so many of your clients remain in touch with you.  I will probably become one of them.  And, finally, for answering my never-ending questions.  You know your stuff and made it very easy for me to understand how to keep my eye on the ball

New York City

Just a brief note to say thanks a million.  Life can be tough in a big city with little to no resources and I did not realize how much my credit affected my daily life.  Your efforts took me from a 529 score to 717 in a bit less than 4 months.  Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Atlanta, Georgia

You know all about the tough times I went through.  You were able to remove my tax liens (even though you said probably not), along with my judgement and collections.  As I revealed to you before we began, I had worked with 3 other credit repair companies to the tune of more than $5,000.Also thanks for helping with my ID theft issues.  I realize you didn’t perform the work, though the information you found on my report helped lead to the solution.  Just wanted to let you know all is fine now.  I appreciate the bank contact as well.  I was able to establish 2 new lines of credit.  They also were able to refinance my house and car.  After contacting my insurance agent and renegotiating my policies, my collective annual savings will be more than $7,000.You changed my life!

Lake Forest, Illinois





We have been analyzing credit reports and dealing with disputes since before the FICO scoring system was introduced to consumers.  With all of the mistakes made due to a flawed electronic system, you need a professional who actually understands how to thoroughly read a credit report and understand the best approach to accomplish the best results.  

When it comes to credit reports, scoring and results, you need to rely on the most experienced resource.  

We are it.  We have been around longer than everyone else.  Let us help you life your best life.

FREE Analysis

All of our cases begin with a FREE Credit Report Analysis.  We take a forensic approach when analyzing reports.  We look for all negative items and advise you of best path to move forward.  Once we engage a new client, we study all parts and pages of your report to be sure all information is address as needed, not just negative items to dispute.  There is more to most credit reports than just a bunch of negative stuff.

We do much more than just help you improve your negative items.

What We Offer

Powerful Process

  • File every case individually

       (no 'standard' approach')

  • Each item addressed separately

  • Direct communication with credit bureaus

  • Multiple Dispute Rounds

Thorough Communication

We communicate with you and keep you informed during the entire journey.  During the process, we will also send you helpful information and tips as reference resources to use throughout life. Once you are a client, you are welcome to communicate with us as desire whenever you have a credit question or need credit advice.  We are not affiliated with any 3rd parties for any reason.  We dispute credit reports for our clients and that's all.  You simply become part of our family.


Since 1988, we have not had a single credit report experience a negative affect due to our efforts.  Over 90% of all cases have resulted in a positive gain.  Our biggest gain, since the scoring systems have been introduced, was an increase of 239 points.  There are no guarantees in the dispute industry, but when you let us help, you are dealing with the best.  

It pays to let our experience help you life your best life!


We provide professional credit dispute services

  • Direct to consumers

  • Through affiliate partners

  • Professional Representatives

  • Branded professionals

Direct to consumer

All potential cases begin with a FREE credit report analysis. If we find negative information and determine dispute efforts will have a positive outcome, we will send you documents to complete to begin the process along with a payment link.  We will communicate with you regarding any relevant needed support documentation and send your initial disputes to all 3 credit bureaus.  Once results are received, we address any remaining negative items with a subsequent dispute process.  Total cost of service is $495 per case (credit bureaus are required to handle cases for individuals.  Discounts may be available for legally married couples filing cases simultaneously)


Click here to let us know you are ready to start or with any questions

Professional Opportunities


Link our website, basic lead generation, social media and influencers

Referral Partner

Realtors, Banks, Mortgage Professionals, Attorneys, Accountants,

Insurance agents, Family counselors

Commission Representative

Generous structure, performance bonuses, performance based salaried opportunities with benefits


Dispute service to your employees,

workshops, special group programs

Charitable Programs

Houses of worship, group discounts, direct donation programs

Compensation based on level of engagement and volume

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Branded Office

This is the perfect opportunity for industry related professionals​......

Bankruptcy Attorneys, Family Law Firms, Accountants, Mortgage Companies, Real Estate Offices and more.  A branded office can be an individual or whole company.  You want to conduct business in your name and conduct marketing as you wish.  We will be your back office, providing our full service in your name.  It's your client all the way.  We communicate with you regarding all activity, you communicate with the client and we do all the work.  We have had many branded partners for decades.  We have even been the back office for a variety of our competitors (and still are)


Volume based pricing available

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